Cabin Pressure — Which One For Your Cruise?

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    Cruise Cabins

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    For three, five, seven or however many days, the ship’s cabin will be your second home. Depending on your plans for rest and relaxation, you might want to give some thought to your choice of cabins. If you plan to be on the go, go, go and partake of all the ship has to offer, then pay for the cheapest cabin rate. After all, you will only be in your cabin to sleep and change your clothes. However, if you need to be alone and plan to huddle in your cabin at times, reconsider your options.

    All cruise cabins are created for comfort with a sensible design where you can move with ease. Nonetheless, all cruise cabins are not the same. Your normal, average cruise ship cabin is going to be smaller that what you would find at some landlocked hotel. To compensate for the size, cruise lines spoil the passengers with mints on their pillows, shampoos, bath gel, fluffy robes and other amenities.

    The cruise ship cabins were designed to make the best of the least amount of space possible. Sure some cabins have more room than others, but in any case, not a square inch is wasted. The cruise literature depicts a roomy cabin but that is just trick photography. The furnishings are utilitarian, but attractive. There is often a queen or king sized bed that could be broken down into twin beds if you were traveling with a companion other than a spouse or significant other. A closet or wardrobe is also in the cabin with a desk, bathroom, shower and chair. Depending on the size of your cabin, you might even have a little nook with a small couch and table.

    Inside cabins tend to be the most economical. If you do not mind not having any windows or portholes to see outside, then this might be the choice for you. Inside cabins are usually about the same size as the outside cabins. It does tend to be darker when you have an inside cabin, so keep that in mind.

    Outside cruise ship cabins have a window or a few portholes, which allow the sunshine to come into your cabin. If you are susceptible to claustrophobia and the thought of an inside cabin with no window gives you the shakes, book an outside cabin.

    If enjoying the ocean views in the privacy of your own cabin is a must, consider booking an outside cabin with a balcony or terrace. This option is pricier, but it gives you a private view of the ocean with your own little deck.

    If you have the expendable cash and want the “ooh-la-la” factor, consider the cruise ship suite option. Just picture the usual amenities along with some excess square footage. You definitely have room to maneuver! You’ll have extras like a mini-refrigerator and a private veranda.

    The only thing about booking a cabin is that you cannot pick what part of the ship you want. You pay the going rate for the kind of cabin you want and hope for the best when it comes to its location like being near elevators or the bow are of the ship. If you are worried about seasickness, request a cabin on the lower decks. You may not be able to be accommodated, but it never hurts to ask. Just remember to keep in mind why you are on the cruise in the first place. Choose the best type of cabin for your needs and enjoy your cruising experience.

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